Startamotive – The Best Car Service Centre in Sunbury

Startamotive is an innovative car repair and service centre with over a decade of experience in rendering exceptional services to our customers. Functioning under the expert guidance of certified and skilled car mechanics and support of modern equipment, we have been recognized as the best in Sunbury. We undertake an array of services including logbook service, car air conditioning service, car air conditioning regas, pre-purchase vehicle inspections, RACV repairs, suspension specializing, roadworthy certificate, baby car seat installation, child restraint fitting service, brake and clutch repairs, car towing and roadside assistance, 4wd car battery replacement and more.

To maintain your car in the same mint condition as how it was when it was purchased is the intent of every car owner. Car dealers insist on certain details and specifications in the vehicle to ensure the good condition, smooth functioning and longevity of your car. A logbook service is an all-inclusive service that scrutinizes your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer wanted. The service logbook includes all vital information from the vehicle manufacturer, relating to the service needs particular to your vehicle. Logbook keeping keeps your car working smoothly and safely and is crucial to preserve the statutory warranty given by the vehicle manufacturer.

    Benefits of Logbook Keeping in Sunbury

    • Increase lifespan – Skipping periodic and timely logbook servicing will eventually show up in a few years with signs of lower fuel efficiency and frequent escalations in repairs. Logbook servicing includes a set of procedures and essential inspection. Regular maintenance of moving parts of the car like tyres, transmission, etc. improves their working conditions. Logbook servicing helps your car in functioning at its best performance level and aids you in saving money on car maintenance.

    • Better resale value – Regular logbook servicing maintains a solid maintenance history of your vehicle alongside guaranteeing its optimum working state. A vehicle with regular maintenance schedules and logbook keeping is capable of having a better resale value in the market.

    • Warranty claims – In the event of a mishap or an accident, one of the first things that an insurance company checks are the condition of the vehicle. The history of logbook keeping is a clear indication of the well-being of the vehicle. It will be easier to process your insurance claim if you are regular at logbook keeping. If not, the dealer can refuse to release the policy money.

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