Startamotive – Your Neighborhood Mobile Car Mechanic At Gisborne

With over a decade of in-depth experience in the automotive industry, we at Startamotive pride ourselves in providing professional services to all our clients. Customer satisfaction and quality are our primary goals and we strive to work with and using the best in the industry – be it our certified car mechanics or our excellent equipment and machinery. One of the best car service and repair stations in Gisborne, we also undertake services such as Logbook service, Pre-purchase vehicle inspections, car air conditioning service,car air conditioning regas, RACV Repairs, Suspension specialising, Roadworthy Certificate, Baby car seat installation, Child Restraint Fitting Service, Brake and Clutch repairs, Car towing and roadside assistance, 4wd Car battery replacement and more.

We understand the busy schedules of our customers owing to which they are unable to visit our center for timely services and maintenance. To aid in such scenarios, we have a fully equipped mobile car mechanic team that will arrive at the convenience of your home or office and render services. This wing also assists our clients on the road in case of an unexpected break down or repair, anywhere in Gisborne, irrespective of the time of the day.

    Benefits Of A Mobile Car Mechanic In Gisborne

    • Convenience And Ease – Mobile car mechanics are at your service, whenever and wherever you need them. You can be at the comfort and convenience of your residence, workspace or holiday vacation and the mechanic will service your vehicle while you are enjoying quality time.

    • Saves Time – When you are in the midst of a busy schedule, you don’t have to spend more time waiting for your car at the service centre or schedule specific timings for it because the technicians come to you. They are just a phone call away and helps you in saving time that might otherwise be spent in commuting to the service station and forth.

    • Quality Assurance – You can see the service and maintenance happening literally before your eyes. There is no cause of concern regarding safety or quality of the service. IF you have any additional queries, you can ask the car mechanic directly and resolve it.

    • Emergency services – Fret not if you have a break down or a puncture because the mobile car mechanic unit reaches your location in no time and fixes the issues. They offer additional services such as towing the vehicle and immediate care in case of an accident or mishap.

    • Full Warranty – The warranty benefits apply to a mobile service as well and all the requisite claims are covered, without the worry of any unprecedented financial expense.

    For further details on our mobile car mechanic services, visit our website at You can also reach us at (03) 9744 7077 or write to us