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Toddlers and children are regular travellers in your car and it is imperative to ensure their safety whilst travelling. Though a typical car is modelled to guarantee its passengers’ safety, one needs to go an extra mile to keep the young ones safe and sound as they might not be aware of the safety measures that are usually taken care by an adult.

    Child Restraint Fitting Services in Woodend – Things To Remember

    Trained child restraint fitters can help you to install your child restraint or booster seat properly. If a child restraint is not fitted properly, then it may not help in safeguarding your child in the event of a crash. All the child restraint fittings at Startamotive are accredited by ACRI and maintain their quality by attending timely training and up-gradation meetings.

    • The most important aspects is safety and hence one has to ensure that the chosen rear seating position will allow the restraint to be installed correctly.

    • Accessibility for getting the child in and out and seeing to it that the driver can adjust their seat to the desired driving position are vital.

    • The size and shape of rear seats, the location and number of anchorage points, interior space and layout of the vehicle will also influence the position of the restraint.

    • The centre rear seat should be the first preference because of its centralized position. The left outer seat also often allows easier access and a stable seat base and will usually cause less interference between the restraint and the driver’s seat.

    • If you need to fit more than one restraint, consider how they can best be arranged for easy use

    • The right rear position should be avoided if possible due to potential dangers of having to get the child in and out on the traffic side of the vehicle.

    • Child restraints should not be fitted to a front seat.

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